• How do I pick and submit my team?
First of all you must log-in using the user name and password you entered when you registered.

Then, on the right hand menu click the link called "Team Management". You should then see the Management Console which consists of a "Pitch" and a list of players. You can sort the players by position, name, team and value. Just drag the desired players in to position on the pitch, making sure you don't go over budget (your funds are displayed above the players and decrease each time you add a player). You must select one goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfielders and three strikers.

When you have filled all 11 places on the pitch and are happy with your team click "Save" on the Management Console. Your team is now saved but not yet activated/submitted.

To submit your team click "Play!" on the Management Console and then confirm that you want to submit your team on the next page. If you have done this correctly, when you click on "Team Management" again you should not be able to see the Pitch but a list of players should now be displayed. If this is the case then your team has been submitted and will become active from the next Saturday. From Saturday onwards you will be able to log back in and will then see the pitch again and be able to make changes (transfers) to your team.
  Last Updated: Mon 31 Mar 2008, 22:08pm