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Simple Member Pro / Re: Paypal being skipped
« on: June 04, 2010, 10:07:37 PM »
Hey Sharon - sorry if I mislead you.  I mis understood what you were saying.  I thought you meant that the paypal buttons were going to the signup page when they were clicked from sales pages inside your membership area.  I missed that you were using sales pages outside of your membership area.

Simple Member Pro / Re: Paypal being skipped
« on: June 04, 2010, 03:47:39 PM »
um.... Sharon, I think maybe the problem might be in the way you are adding your paypal buttons on your paid products.  I'm not sure why the button would lead to your free signup page.

Are you wrapping your [[paypal_button]] tag inside an anchor tag by chance?  

Maybe you've inserted a paypal button graphic you've made and then added the [[paypal_button]] tag without indicating the image to associate with it?  I don't know.  This one would be hard to trouble shoot without actually taking a look at the sales page(s) for the product(s) you are referring to.

You know how to get in touch with me if you'd llike help working through this.  Happy to assist.

Simple Member Pro / Re: Are gifts limited to one per JV member?
« on: June 04, 2010, 03:39:27 PM »
Sharon, I've not looked at that specific code before, and I'm not at a computer where I can look at the specific file you've pulled this from.  However based on my first glance here I'd say that particular set of If-statment(s) are doing several things... other than what you think they are doing.

First they are looking to see if you've allowed for partner gifts.
Then if you do - the if statement is looking to see if the current user has a gift in the system.  

The page will post a "add gift" hyper link to the page if the conditions are set to allow for gifts and the current user doesn't have a gift in the system.

So if I'm reading that code block correctly I'd say no - changing the =0 to <=5 will not do what you are expecting.  I believe in that block of code the 0 is representing a "false" answer in a true/false if/then statement.

Johnny or David please correct me if I'm not reading that right!

Simple Member Pro / Re: Best way to setup my SMP site?
« on: June 03, 2010, 05:59:58 PM »

And I believe I understand what you're saying which is - I can do this - I just need to set each subscription option up as a product w/ a monthly subscription price, correct?

Based on what you've described your desired intent to be I'd say yes, you're correct  in that's about the jest of it.  You'd set up your individual products that you want to sell as stand-a-lones by oncies in the database and set them as a one-time-purchase type sale.  Set up your memberships as separate subscription based products and deliver your products according to whatever schedule you wanted to.

I can't say I understand the madness behind your method, but I'd certainly be interested in hearing about any success you might have with the plan you've laid out. Seems to be a very long way to go about making sales.  Have you seen a particular product that has been successful using this business model and you're now working towards duplicate it? Or are you trying a new theory you've developed yourself?  Curious minds want to know.  ::)

Best of luck to you with your endeavors.
I hope it all works out well for you and you have tons of success!

Simple Member Pro / Re: Best way to setup my SMP site?
« on: June 03, 2010, 05:47:11 PM »
...  I'm beginning to think that I just need to copy and paste all my existing sales pages into my admin as products.  Correct?  (Can ya blame a girl for wanting to take the easy way out?  lol)

If that's the easiest route for you then by all means go forth and conquer.  May the force be with you.  LOL

Simple Member Pro / Re: Comment about doing giveaways
« on: May 28, 2010, 04:39:34 PM »
If you want to run a 'traditional' giveaway event using the SMP script - you'll need to set up a second SMP site from your regular membership site.  Because you can only have one membership type assigned to each SMP site/database.

Simple Member Pro / Re: Are your future plans feasable
« on: May 28, 2010, 04:18:50 PM »

......  Later I will be offering a full membership site.  The way I'm hoping this will work is this:  I will have mainly 3 levels.  Something like Bronze, Silver & Gold (haven't named them for sure yet, trying to come up w/ something creative and creativity in naming things is *not* my strong point).  Anyway, I will be releasing (at least) one main product a month.  

When the main product is purchased outright (non-members), there will also be an upsell product and a backend sale product.  Basically going through an entire sales funnel.  For the members, Bronze will get just the main product for one monthly fee.  Silver members will get the main product and the upsell product for a little higher fee and then of course Gold Members will get all three - main product, upsell product and backend sell profit for a little higher fee yet but cheaper than buying outright to encourage folks to join a membership rather than outright purchase monthly.  I will also give silver and gold members 'extra products' here and there as well as some regular stuff that will always be in there download area.  Is the way I want to set up the membership site portion later feasible?

I'm not 100% sure I understood the entire process you plan to use in the future, but I think I've got a decent picture of your intent.  From my perspective the answer to your question about it's feasibility is - yes.  Or maybe (since I'm not completely clear on your explanation) I should say - most likely.

-- Although the SMP script was not created for multi-level membership sites - it is actually possible to have such a site.  I have several SMP sites set up with what my members understand to be multiple membership levels.  The IT reality is that each membership level is simply set up as a separate product.  You can create multi-level sites by using one SMP database or set up multiple SMP database "sites" one for each level - then integrate them so (to the user) everything looks 'connected'.  There's a fair amount of upfront time investment to set up a multi-level site.  It's tricky, but doable.
-- You can set any product to be a monthly subscription type product
-- You can deliver your info/files/ etc - as you described for each of your membership levels

So the three things you mentioned you intend to do - is doable and that's why I say yes to it's feasibility.

However..... you've got one portion of a sentence that is throwing me off a bit and I want to just clarify in case you didn't understand how purchases work through the SMP script.  Your sentence: "...for a little higher fee yet but cheaper than buying outright to encourage folks to join a membership rather than outright purchase monthly." is the one I want to clarify.  

To clarify: If a person wishes to purchase any product from your SMP membership site - they will automatically become a member when they make the purchase.  There is no way for them to purchase something from your SMP "site" without becoming a member before the purchase goes through.  Their member profile is established in the database before they finalize their purchase via PayPal.

Sooo.....  if you want to give them an option to make an "outright purchase" without becoming a member, then you'll need to offer that product purchase from outside of your SMP "site."  Since you indicated the SMP membership portion is merely an additional element of your overall site - I would say you could simply offer your "non-membership" option elsewhere as maybe you already do.

Hope that helps.

Simple Member Pro / Re: OTO Question
« on: May 28, 2010, 03:54:40 PM »
RE:  Your OTO question.

With the latest SMP release (v3.0) there are options to set up an OTO for each product that you sell through your site.  Actually there are options for upsell/downsell type offers as well.

Here's a thread that gives some guidance on how to go about doing that.

Simple Member Pro / Re: Using Pre-made Pages
« on: May 28, 2010, 03:51:03 PM »
Hi Anita.  Welcome to the site.  Thanks to for the kudos you offered about the Easy-SMP site.  I appreciate your kind words.

And WOWSA!  You sure did put a lot into this first posting of yours.  I can share some in site on a few of your comments/questions.  I'll start with the easy stuff, cuz I'm not sure I have time today to get into the heavier stuff before I need to leave for an appointment. first question and this would save me a *ton* of time if possible:

Is there any feasible way to utilize all the pages I already have created and run them through the SMP system when it comes time to download?  If so, can someone tell me the best way to set up the SMP portion of my site?

If this is not possible, can someone tell me the best way to set up my SMP site (even if I do have to copy and paste all my sales pages and whatnot into the system) to handle what I want to do?


You can use the same pages you've already created in a few different ways.

1.  You can copy/paste the code into the product pages, OTO pages, download pages and/or "custom content" pages provided inside the admin panel.  Set their accessibility levels according to what will meet your needs.  Link to them as necessary to get your people to travel the sales process path you want them to experience.

2.  You can tuck your already created php pages inside the members folder and put the appropriate codes at the top to allow access to meet your needs and again, link folks through according to what you want their experience to be like.

3.  You can use a combination of the two above mentioned options to meet your needs.  For example you may want to use the product, OTO, and download pages to deliver information/files according to your specific product.  Then use a custom content page to deliver messages such as the thank you and/or reminder to complete the sign-up process for your auto responder.

Which way will work best for you can only be determined by your specific business needs.  Hope this helps to answer your first question.

Once you get your site up and running - you may want to recruit some affiliates to help drive traffic to your site.
Here's a couple videos showing you how to add marketing tools for your team.

Adding Marketing Banners:


Adding Marketing Emails:


I wish you success in your business!

I know that one of the first things a new SMP site owner wants to do get the default graphics outa' there
and replaced with their own product banners.

Here's a quick video showing how to do just that:


Have Fun!

So you have your SMP site loaded and you're taking some time now to build all the necessary pages to support your membership product.
But while you're at it you might not want others to see a blank page... I mean just in case your SEO is so good people start showing up early.  ;)

So one fast and friendly way to get a holder page in place until you have time to get your front page ready for launching is to use your squeeze page
to add an "under construction" type message, give a temporary offer, add folks to a pre-launch notification list, or to deliver any other temporary information.

You know - something other than the default product 1 sample.


Just an idea I thought you might like to consider.

Here's a couple of videos I created recently that I hope will help new SMP users.
It's always important to keep current with backing up your SMP files.
This is especially true before you upgrade to a newer version.

Here's one method you can use to back up your database and your SMP site files:


And here's a quick review of how to go about upgrading your SMP site to newer versions:


Hope this helps.

Simple Member Pro / Re: Free vs Affiliate
« on: May 22, 2010, 09:17:05 PM »
No problem at all Sharon.  I know it can seem rather confusing when you first start working with a new script.

And no worries over 'hot water.'   No such thing in my little world.  I'm about as laid back as they come.
I just didn't want to mislead you as to my role around here.  That's why I clarified things.  LOL

Simple Member Pro / Re: Member Password Change
« on: May 22, 2010, 09:31:39 AM »
Johnny - I think the link you are referring to in the "top right corner" is the one on the default user menu.

The password change options are actually provided on the page located at: yoursite/member/change_login.php

Hope that helps!

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