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Captcha On Signup?



Just wondering if anyone has modified the scripts to use captcha on the signup.

Haven't actually opened the doors yet but the spammers seem to have found me ... 1-2 bogus JV sign ups an hour!

Is anyone using some sort of captcha who doesn't mind me having a look how they did it?



Hi Matt

Automated robot sign up spam is a real pain and to be honest, it's that advanced that Captcha is no barrier for them. I get a lot here on this forum and I have a high level Captcha AND a question to answer but they still sign up at an alarming rate.

The one thing I have found though is that certain genuine sign ups (poor eyesight) are hampered by Captcha and prevented from signing up.

Hi David,

Anything like SMF forums are particularly vulnerable ... open source software so the idiots get to experiment on how best to mess with them! I've pretty much given up on one we tried to use for our websites after removing a few thousand russion addresses & even more bogus posts. Next incarnation it will be Members Only, invite only, no publicly accessible sign up form.

Anyway, I've added an extra page to the SGP JV signup with a simple challenge question and that's stopped them for now. I guess I'll add a captcha later if required ... and repeat the process when we open for Members.

With the apostrophes ... not a problem on most of the forms, so I thought maybe there's  just a line or two of handling missing from some of the form handlers?



I had a similar problem (apostrophes) with SimpleMemberPro but it was only on certain versions of PHP/MySQL. I can't remember whether it was fixed or not using the "addslashes" function - pretty sure it was so I will check the code and see if I can apply to SGP as well.

Good to see you've implemented an anti spam system, agree it's a real pain. Until a week or so ago I had locked this forum to admin registration but whilst it locked the spammers out most genuine users were deterred by having to raise a support ticket for access. Hopefully I'll find a happy medium eventually.


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