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Hi Again,

Just wondering if there's an easy way to show new contributors a discounted Upgrade offer as the OTO when the sign up?

Seems the system only shows them the offer I've set up for Members?

I guess I could make up two offers ... ie, an upgrade offer for Contributors then swap it over just before launch to my OTO for Members ... but I'm not sure how to make that upgrade the Contributors account?

Am I missing something or is it just not designed to work that way?



PS. FYI. Looks like the text-editor in the JVUpgrade page doesn't handle apostrophes either!

Hi Matt

Do you mean in addition to the JV Upgrade settings?

Yes, damn apostrophe's are a pain. I will look at updating the text editor.

Hi David,

Yes ... I assumed the JV signups would be shown the upgrade offer when they joined, but they were getting the Members OTO insteads. My JV contributors and my members are two distinct groups so that doesn't really work.

So for now I'm not showing them any offer ... which isn't ideal ... no chance to push the upgrade?

It's been a while, but I thought I remembered being shown an OTO on the upgrade offer when I'd signed  up for these events in the past?

I do think I can work something out if you can tell me how to 'upgrade' a JV contributor manually?

Is it just a matter of adding some points in the database, or are there other changes required to keep things running smoothly?



Hi David,

Other giveaways I've signed up for, I've been offered an upgrade as a OTO on first login.

I would have liked to do that as well, but I can't see how?

If I add the JV Upgrade as the OTO, the JV partners see it, but their accounts don't get upgraded?

I'm thinking JV OTOs aren't an option on this platform, unless you can tell  me how to upgrade JVs manually?

Can I just add extra points to their account i nthe database or do other fields need to be updated as well?

Thanks in advance,



Hi Matt

Aplogies for the delay. I was away for the weekend and the internet was only working for 5 minutes at a time where I was based.

The standard member and JV member upgrades are two different things and the OTO is for standard members to upgrade.

JV Partners can upgrade and/or purchase more points from within the JV Partner area and at present there is no option to present a better offer as an OTO. If you wish to upgrade certain JV partners manually then using PHP MyAdmin etc you can edit the table "members" for the person concerned and change the field "jvupgrade" to "1" and add an extra 100 points (or however many you wish). This will then enable JV Partners to add text and banners ads using their points and these will be shown in rotation.


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