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Changing Event Dates


Back again ...

I brought my event dates forward to test the sign up forms etc, but now I can't seem to put them back.

I've changed the date back (to next month) in the Site Settings screen, and it updates OK, correct dates showing in the database ...

But the front page still shows 'Event Has Started' messages and the JV Sign Up link is disabled/redirects to Home Page.

Is there some way to reset this? I had a look in the database and the start end dates are both listed as November, and couldn't find anything indicating the event had/hadn't started, so wondering how htat works?

Or maybe can I start a new event without re-installing from scratch?

Thanks in advance ...


Did you use the calender picker to set the date?

Also, on your homepage, are you using tags:



Hi David,

Yes on both counts ... used calendar picker, and it has changed in the database ... but something is still telling the various pages that the event has started?

Was wondering if perhaps there was a 'switch' in the database somewhere that didn't get reset?



Resolved again sorry ...

Just in case anyone else has the same issue ...

I deleted the dates from the form and submitted it 'blank'
It came back with 1969 dates entered in both fields.
I changed those to the desired dates and saved

 ... and now all is working as expected.

Not sure how or why, but it definitely doesn't like changes that put the start date in the past and the finish date in the future!

If you need to test, be sure to change both to past, or both to future, and that's OK.



That's strange Matt - glad you got it resolved but I'm struggling replicating the error.

BTW - I run all my sites with this script on PHP4 - don't know whether it's possible to set the version in your server?


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