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Set Up Issues ...


Afraid I spoke to soon saying all was going smoothly!

It looks like I should have added a trailnig slash to my installation directory URL, as notification emails are missing it and the links don't work. ie . www.mydomain.comactivate.php

I had a look through the database but couldn't find where to change it? Any ideas?

Also, getting some weird errors from Aweber ... have entered the list and form details but getting a message after submitting that the form request could not be processed?

Any suggestions much appreciated!



Update on previous message ...

Found the path url in the config file and corrected it, that's all OK now.

Have disabled the autoresponder for now and will get back to it when everything else is done.



Hi Matt

Was just about to reply but happy to see that you found the config file.

Let me know what errors you get from Aweber once you re-enable it.


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