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editing the admin menu


i am trying to edit the admin header html to reflect the current support link.

when i edit the link it breaks the code for the header and distorts the footer and some of the other items on some pages.

can you walk me through the editing?


Hi Jerry - what are you using to edit the code?


--- Quote from: David Allen on June 20, 2011, 06:00:53 AM ---Hi Jerry - what are you using to edit the code?

--- End quote ---

I am using GridinSoft Notepad.

Also any idea if the script can be modified to have an option to delete or keep contributors who do not have referrals?

Sorry about not responding back sooner.

What file are you editing?

It should be html/admin/header.html

You just need to edit line 84 and replace "" with ""

It does redirect straight here anyway.

There is no automatic way to delete members who don't have referals although in my book that would be a bad thisng anyway because you can still email them if they are in the system via the Mass Mail feature.


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