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Simple member Pro-vs-Simple Giveaway Pro


If one has Simple Member Pro would one need Simple Giveaway Pro also?  Or are the Simple Giveaway Pro features included in Simple Member Pro?

What would be the advantage of using both scripts?

Sorry for getting here late, but I just found this script & it looks great.

Johnny Slater:
The giveaway feature in Simple Member Pro will allow you to run a full giveaway event. However, SMP does not have all the giveaway features that the dedicated giveaway scripts have.

Simple Giveaway Pro was created to be a full featured giveaway script and to directly compete with the two major scripts on the market. It combines some of the features from both scripts and adds in some things that are unique to only SGP.

Features like the points system, banner and text ad support for upgraded contributors, ability to add unlimited gifts, banner ads, or text ads and others are currently unique to only SGP as no other script is selling at this time that include these features.

The main differences are that the giveaway script is designed specifically for running giveaways only, and the points based system which currently allows a giveaway set up that no other script being sold can match.

GM3 works on the points system but my understanding is that it wont be sold directly, but only through Brads coaching program, although I could be wrong on that issue.

thanks for the reply & info.


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