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How do you stay focussed and on track?


Sometimes I get in the situation where 10 things need doing and I only have the time to complete 1 :(

It's harder when you are working online, distractions such as Facebook, Skype, sports and news are hard to resist when you get bored and my attention span has always been shocking!!

How do you prioritize your tasks and stay focussed?


You are truly a funny man!  Focus?  What focus?  ROFLOL  ::) I don't think I've seen that word in my dictionary for a while.

Seriously though.... I'm a list sorta person.  I find that if I have a to-do list I can keep focused (a little bit) more than usual.
However, I have to admit that I do have a weakness for certain forums and find myself getting lost in conversation with folks at some of my crafty sites until the minutes turn into hours and I wonder where the time went.  :o Oh I hate when that happens!

Interesting question to ask though.  Looking forward to hearing other peeps thoughts on this too!

I used to use lists - maybe should give it a go again.

I forgot about the forums. Yes, I have limited my time to this one and odd posts at others but used to spend "days" lost in conversation at the Warrior Forum :)

I have a couple of "Project Management" tools that I acquired rights to so will also check those out.


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