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Re: EasySellerPro now supported here.


I have installed ESP on my site -- then I have uploaded all of my image files to /public_html/ESP/images

but how do I get all of those image files showing in ESP?  As my Firesale directions also state to move all of the zip files of the products I purchased here also.

Hi Hudson

Do you mean the product image files? If so, have you added each product and uploaded the picture through the admin panel?


Per the firesale directions:  place all of the zip files into the 'files' folder after you have installed your shopping cart.

So I have placed all of the image files to the ESP/images folder but did not know how to pull the images out so then I could just add wording and place the download links.


I'm not sure what you mean about "Firesale directions". Is this something in the manual?

Did you receive this software as part of a Firesale package? I know there are a few people who are re-selling this script but it should be under a different name - perhaps you could enlighten me.

Thanks, David


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