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Should I Promote SMP


Love the activiy on this site forum  :o

Anyway I have a promoting question on SMP?  ;D

I have SMP banners on some of my sites, but how do I know if I'll every make money with them? I login to my SMP account to see if I can check on clicking details, but no way to see any kind of details. Is it worth even promoting even though its a good script?

I use SMP on 2 of my sites just to giveaway stuff. I have the RAP script and its all updated I don't even use because it take more learning to use but someday I'll use it.

By looking at the activity on this site and all the no good links here it seems like SMP has become a dead project, it could also be because you can get a script that does more for free.

Well enough of my mumbo jumbo for now, I given this forum some new life in 2015.  :-X

Hi Joe

Happy New Year to you.

Many thanks for promoting SMP. First of all, ensure you have your PayPal email address in your profile at and then you won't miss out on referred sales. On the member home page it shows how many sales you've referred but I am looking at adding more affiliate tools/stats in there too.

The script has been updated a few times in the last year so is very much up to date, and a great all in one alternative to using plugins on WordPress.

I have also added a single site licence at $47 so it's very affordable now too.

Good luck with sales Joe :)



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