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I recently installed Simple Member Basic. I understand it is no longer supported. I think my problem is a configuration issue, not a bug.

After successfully installing the script, I notice that the paypal button is not a button, it's a box labeled Submit Query. It is an active link and sends me to paypal, but very unattractive and somewaht confusing to my potential members.

How do I define this to use a paypal buynow image?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Ron

You are correct that Simple Member Basic is no longer supported but I may add a user forum here for peer to peer support.

PM me your admin login and I will take a look for you.


I think it's because you have removed the paypal buy now button from your images folder.

Try converting join.jpg to a gif and re-naming the file to paypal_buynow.gif - it should then display your join button as the clickable payment button.

One other thing - I notice on your sales page that you wish to charge $17 per month. SimpleMember Basic only handles a single payment charge whereas the Pro version does recurring billing.

You Rock David, that worked like a champ. Of course now I'm faced with the recurring charge limitation since I'm using Simple Member Basic.

Thanks so much for the great support.

No problem Ron.


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