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How giveaway gift ranking is decided with Simple Member Pro


Johnny Slater:
When you use the site partner gifts either running a standard giveaway or when adding that feature to a paid or free site the gift ranking is always decided exactly the same.

First, no ranking points are awarded until the JV has an APPROVED gift in the system. When the scripts checks to see if it should award ranking points it will search for a gift by the JV and make sure it has been approved by the site admin before awarding the ranking points.

Second, all ranking points are tracked with the gift. This is stored in the gifts details in the database. This means several things. The JV must have an approved gift to get rank points, if the JV edits the gift after it has been approved it will go into pending status and will not earn rank points until the admin approves the gift again, and if the admin or JV deletes the gift then the rank points are lost forever.

Remember, if the JV doesn't have an approved gift when they get the referral they do not earn the rank point. This can not be added later so you must make your JV's aware that they must get their gift in and have it approved before they start promoting.


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