Author Topic: How the timed content works with Simple Member Pro  (Read 13700 times)

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How the timed content works with Simple Member Pro
« on: January 16, 2009, 02:39:18 PM »
The timed content is set up to work similar to how autoresponders work.

The first step is to create a campaign. Everything is tracked by product id's and campaign names so the campaign name is the place to start.

Once you have created a campaign you will then go in and set up the content for that campaign. Each content page will be delivered seperately. When creating the timed content pages there is a place to enter how long someone has to be a member to get that content. This is very important and you need to keep track of this when creating the content.

Each page will have a delivery period depending on the setting you chose for how long a person has to be a member and content is delivered in order according to the number you enter into that position.

This is a basic example of how the content is delivered.

For the content you have a campaign named Start One and you have 3 content items set up under it. The first content page is set for 0 since you want it delivered as soon as the member signs up. The second is set for 30 so he gets it 30 days after being a member. The third is set for 60 so he gets it 60 days after being a member.

Now you have 3 members: A, B and C.

A just joined today so he gets access only to the first content page.
B joined 30 days ago so he has access to the first and second content pages.
C joined 60 days ago so he has access to all three content pages.

This is tracked by the members sign up date so everyone always starts out on content page one regardless of when they sign up. This is set up this way so that you can time release content on a consistant basis and people get rewarded for staying with your site by getting additional content delivered over time instead of all at once and cancelling the membership after a few days.
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